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Review of the Scholarship Examination System

Beginning in mid-December 2005, a working group appointed by the Senior Lecturer met on several occasions to discuss the method by which the Foundation Scholarship examinations are conducted. In particular, the group was asked to consider a system whereby Scholarships would be awarded based on the Senior Freshman annual examinations.

Opinion within the group, and comments received from the College community at large, indicated a strong difference of opinion regarding the benefits, or otherwise, of having the examinations held during the Easter vacation. By Michealmas Term 2006 the group had produced an interim report, outlining those issues discussed and the opinions raised in discussion.

The Scholars were represented at the discussions by the Scholars' Secretary. The comments of the Scholars were almost unanimous in their support for the current system of awarding the Scholarships, citing, amongst other reasons, the spirit of independently motivated study and commitment to hard work that such a system requires.

You are invited to read the interim report and comment upon it.

In Michaelmas term 2007, the Working Group on Modularisation and Academic Year Structure (local access) reported to Council and Board, recommending the adoption of a new term structure consisting of two 12-week teaching terms. This meant that the traditional timing and structure of the Scholarship exams would no longer be possible, and the Scholars were asked in January 2008, and then again upon the released in April to contribute to the search for a solution to the question of the new form the exams might take. The April 2008 update provides details about the specific input requested from Scholars. A final report on the review of the Scholarship examination system was made available in October 2008. The University Council approved its recommendations on 5th November 2008.