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Scholar Tuition Programme

The Scholar Tuition Programme is a new initiative pioneered this year with the aim of getting scholars involved in voluntary tuition and engaging with the community. This in turn creates a positive and lasting contribution to the college. Also, by offering tuition, scholars are given an opportunity to cultivate their teaching and communication skills, which are invaluable skills needed in the pursuit of professional careers.

Scholar Examination Tutoring

The scholarship examination tutoring scheme proposes to encourage scholars to provide one free tutoring session in the run up to Christmas to students wishing to sit the Foundation Scholarship exam in their discipline. Under the proposition the scholar might provide advice on how to prepare and study for specific modules and examinations. Scholars from larger disciplines might come together and instead of running a one-on-one session, simply provide a tutorial class for all interested students wishing to sit the exam. It is advised to liaise with individual departments to contact those who are interested in undertaking the scholarship exam and thus to advertise the one tutorial session being provided.

The scholarship examination tutoring scheme can act as a feeder mechanism for further grinds for the annual examinations as well. The decision to charge a fee for this work, which is work above and beyond the scholarship examination tutoring scheme, is at the discretion of the individual scholar(s). TCDSU's website offers the option for students to search for grinds and tutors to advertise their availability to offer grinds. Scholars can use this forum to promote their interest in providing tuition to undergraduate students.

Trinity Voluntary Tuition Programme

Scholars are encouraged if they have available time to get involved with the Trinity Tutors; a group of students who give grinds to primary school, secondary school or special needs students from the local schools around Trinity

Student Leadership And Maths

This programme has been set up by Lydia Flynn and also supported by the VTP. It aims to find 20-30 motivated students from different schools to come in to Trinity once a week for maths activities and personal development/leadership skills (public speaking, organising, teaching maths etc.). Each participant sets up and run his or her own maths club in their own school for 1st/2nd years primarily using the resources of Khan Academy (an incredible, free online platform of thousands of videos and interactive activities). The programme aims to promote a culture of taking responsibility for one's own learning while maximising leverage of voluntary input. It is very much a pilot programme which we see as easily iterated in different locations. If interested get involved by filling out this doodle or email Lydia Flynn at fly   nnly  @tcd . ie (remove spaces to get correct email)