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Privacy Policy


This is the Privacy Policy of the Scholars' Website ("the Website"). It explains what personal information is collected by the Website and what the information is used for.

Information Collected by the Website

When you register to become a member of the Website, you confirm and/or submit information such as your name and email address, year of election to Scholarship and discipline of study. If you choose to create a personal biography (note: the biography feature is under review and, as such, has temporarily been removed and may not return. In the event it returns, restoration of the biographies will only occur for users that have maintained their membership), you may submit additional information such as your interests and career-related information. Your preferences, for example, to receive electronic newsletters and to attend Commons, and opinions you post on the Website are also stored. This information together constitutes your "Profile". Technical information to facilitate access to the Website and to monitor the volume of messages sent is also recorded. Personal information that you supply will be retained until such time as you terminate your membership of the Website.

Use of Information

Your name, year of election to Scholarship and discipline of study is used to present a list of Scholars and former Scholars. If you choose to create a biography it will be viewable by other Members of the Website.

Your email address will not be visible to other Members of the Website. If you choose to provide an email address it will be used for the following purposes:

It is important to note that other members of the Website will not learn your email address, even if you opt in to be contactable. Messages will be sent via the website and delivered to the recipient's email address. The recipient will thereby learn the sender's email address and may choose to reply, at which point his/her email address will be disclosed to the sender. Alternatively the recipient may simply discard the message, which will ensure that his/her email address remains private.

We will disclose your personally identifiable information if we reasonably believe we are required to do so by law, regulation or other government authority or to protect the rights and property of the Scholars' Committee and the University of Dublin, Trinity College, its affiliates or the public. We may also cooperate with law enforcement agencies in any official investigation and we may disclose your personally identifiable information to the relevant agency in doing so.

Aside from the above, we will not disclose your personal information to third parties without your prior consent.

Reviewing and Changing Your Profile

You may view your personal information at any time by visiting the relevant section of the Website. You may rectify incorrect data either by editing your Profile on the Website or by contacting the Webmaster.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are used to keep you logged in to the Website through short periods of inactivity. They are not used by third parties for any purpose.


Please do not disclose your password to third parties. Your password, while stored in encrypted form, is transmitted to the Website in unencrypted form. You are therefore strongly discouraged from using a password for the Website that you use for other services.

Your communications with others using the Website are likewise unencrypted and, hence, insecure. While reasonable efforts have been made to verify that users of this site are who they claim to be, it is impossible to eliminate impersonation. Please exercise caution when communicating with others, and do not transmit sensitive information using this Website.

Reporting Abuse

If you receive a message through the site that you feel is abusive, please forward it to the Webmaster. The Webmaster's address can be found in the footer of every message. We will investigate all reports of abuse, and will take appropriate action to stop it.

Terminating Membership

You may terminate your membership of the Website at any time. By doing so any personal information you have provided since registration will be deleted. However, we reserve the right to retain any postings or opinions that you have submitted to the Website.

Changes in Privacy Policy

From time to time we may update this Privacy Policy and will post a notice of any significant changes on our website. You should visit this page periodically to review any such changes to the Privacy Policy. Your continued use of this Website and/or continued provision of personal information to us will be subject to the terms of the updated Privacy Policy.


You may contact the Webmaster by using the contact form.