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Scholars' Committee 2017-2018

Please feel free to contact the Committee below with questions, comments or suggestions you may have.

Patrick Lavelle
The Secretary represents the Scholars and liases with the relevant College authority on issues concerning the Scholarship awards and the entitlements of Scholars. Communications from College will be passed on by Patrick.
Assistant Secretary:
David-Alexander Robinson
The Assistant Secretary works closely with the Secretary and takes over in their absence, liasing with College officers where appropriate.
Undergraduate Rep:
Sophie Donnelly
As Undergrad Rep, Sophie works to keep Scholars informed of events at S.U. and College level that are relevant to undergraduate Scholars.
Postgraduate Rep:
Shelley Stafford
As well as keeping Scholars informed of issues at College and G.S.U. level that affect postgrads, Shelley will be available to answer any questions you have about pursuing a postgrad course as a Scholar and the entitlements you receive.
Accommodation Rep:
Simon Corbett
The Accommodation Rep sits on the Residence and Accommodation Committee in College, representing the interests and concerns of Scholars.  Simon will help you out if you have any queries relating to applying for rooms, or how to sort out going away for all or part of the year.
First Year Rep:
Lucy Prendeville
This Scholar is elected shortly after Trinity Monday from the newly-elected Scholars, and represents their interests to both the committee and the relevant groups within Trinity Hall.
Food & Drink:
Felix Frank
Responsible for the social side of being a Scholar, Felix will be there to organise nights out each term like Wine Commons and seasonal events such as Hallowe'en and Christmas parties. If you have any suggestions for social events you would like to see organised, or if you have any suggestions relating to Commons, please send an email.
Public Relations Officer
Míde Ní Ghríofa
The PRO is responsible for the promotion of all upcoming Scholar events.
David Phillips
Tasked with keeping the webpage up to date and providing online information for Scholars. The webmaster is also the person you should send any photographs of Scholars you have to, for inclusion in the photo gallery.