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About the Scholars' Website

This site was established to provide a method of communication whereby Scholars could contact other Scholars, regardless of their year of election.

Attending Commons has long been one of the great benefits of Scholarship at Trinity, bringing together as it does Scholars of all disciplines across the University, be they undergraduates, graduates or postgraduate students, to share ideas and information at the dinner table. This site was designed to allow that exchange of ideas to continue after the Scholar's tenure has expired, and to allow communication between Scholars who would never have attended Commons together.

The basic premise is simple: one may seek out Scholars by name, year of election or discipline of study; Scholars may post a brief current biography; for those who wish to be involved a method of communicating via e-mail is provided. We hope that Scholars will not only re-establish contact with those that they knew many years ago, but that more recent Scholars will actively seek out those who were elected Scholars in similar disciplines, or who have gone on to work in fields in which they have an interest, and that all Scholars will be open to sharing each other's expertise, experience and advice.

We will also send out periodic email newsletters to Scholars to keep them informed of news and developments here in College.

We hope that this networking system will turn out to be of benefit to all involved, and encourage people to make the most of it.

For their help in getting this project off the ground, the Scholars' Committee and the site webmaster are grateful to the Registrar, the Secretary's Office, the College Web Office, the Trinity Association and Trust and the Alumni Office.