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Trinity Monday

The highlight of the College year, Trinity Monday is the day upon which all new Scholars and Fellows of the College are publicly announced from the steps of the Examination Hall in Front Square. The end of a long and nervous wait for hopeful students, it is a moment of great drama as, directly after a Board meeting to confirm the elections, the Provost calls out the list of new Scholars amid the colourful academic dress of the senior college staff present, to gasps of elation and of disappointment from the throngs of students gathered outside.

For the new Scholars, it is a momentous day and a busy one too. The following is the agenda for Trinity Monday 2015:

Trinity Monday 2015

Gowns must be worn.

10.00 am
Announcement of elections to Fellowship and Scholarship
10.30 am
Service of Commemoration and Thanksgiving - Address: Reverend Charles Brown, Titular Archibishop of Aquileia and Papal Nuncio to Ireland
11.30 am
Memorial discourse in the Graduates' Memorial Building by Professor James Lunney on James MacCullagh (1809 -1847)
3.30 pm
Afternoon Tea - Scholars meet with the Registrar of Chambers in the Graduates' Memorial Building
5.30 pm
Annual General Meeting of the Trinity College Dublin Association and Trust in the Graduates' Memorial Building
7.15 pm
Photograph of the Scholars of the Decades and New Fellows in the Examination Hall (Black tie)
8.00 pm
Dinner for Fellows and Scholars in the Dining Hall (Black tie)

Tuesday of Trinity Week 2015

11.00 am
Swearing in ceremony of the new Scholars in the Provost's House.