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List of Scholars

This page contains a list of all current and former Scholars of Trinity College going back to 1925. You may search for Scholars by any combination of name, course or year of election. It is sufficient to use partial names or course titles. To see who is contactable and to view biographies you should log in. If you are a former Scholar and do not want to appear on the list, please email the webmaster.

First name Surname Course Year
Christian   Moore  English Studies  2018 
Liam   Whelan  English Studies  2018 
Janice Lynne  Deitner  English Studies  2017 
Anna   Mulligan  English Studies  2017 
Rory   O Sullivan  TSM English Literature and Greek  2017 
Leo   Dunsker  English Studies  2015 
Conor   Brennan  TSM: English Literature/German  2014 
Tom   Noonan  TSM: English Literature/History  2014 
Éireann   O'Sullivan  TSM: English Literature/History  2014 
William   Brady  English Studies  2013 
Robert   Brown  English Studies  2013 
Cillian   Fahy  English Studies  2013 
Eleanor Louise Hoole  Rowe  English Studies  2013 
Aine Josephine Mary  Tyrrell  TSM: Drama Studies and English Literature  2013 
Emma   Boylan  TSM: English Literature and History  2013 
Liam   Maher  English Studies  2012 
Claudio   Sansone  English Studies  2012 
James   Schuller  English Studies  2012 
Matthew Peter Alexander  Sullivan  English Studies  2012 
Natasha Claire  Calder  English Studies  2011 
Sally   Rooney  English Studies  2011 
Conor Eoin  Leahy  English Studies  2010 
Cal-Ryan   McDonagh  English Studies  2010 
Georgina   Folan  English Studies  2008 
Karina   Jakubowicz  English Studies  2008 
Joanna Rose  Staunton  English Studies  2008 
Kevin   Brazil  English Studies  2007 
Tara Joanne  Robinson  English Studies  2007 
Christopher   Borsing  English Studies  2005 
Julie   Bates  English Studies  2004 
Michael Edward  Freeman  English Studies  2004 
Natalie Rosamund Kate  Maughan  English Studies  2004 
Matilda May  Culme-Seymour  English Studies  2003 
Antoinette   Curtin  English Studies  2003 
Benjamin Edward  Welch  English Studies  2003 
Tamara Jane  Atkin  English Studies  2002 
Katherine Marie  Packwood  English Studies  2002 
Róisín   English  Medicine  2002 
Margot Hester Stefan  Chillingworth  English Studies  2001 
Musa   Gurnis  English Studies  2000 
John Finbarr  Lysaght  English Studies  2000 
Samuel   Thompson  English Studies  1999 
Paris Elizabeth  O'Donnell  English Studies  1998 
Gillian Margaret  Brennan  English Studies  1997 
Jan Sarah  Cronin  English Studies  1997 
Emilie Ruth Alice  Pine  English Studies  1997 
Natalie Anne  Rose  English Studies  1993 
Anthony Francis  Howard  English  1991 
Moyra Elizabeth  Haslett  English  1988 
Margaret Mary  Ennis  English Literature and Language  1977 
Joanne Amanda  Shapcott  English Literature and Language  1974 
Gerard Matthew  Griffin  English Literature and Language  1972 
Kathryn Teresa  Ross (née Grady)  English Literature and Language  1972 
Robert George  Patterson  English Literature and Language  1971 
Bruce Stanley George  Stewart  English Literature and Language  1970 
Nicholas   Grene  English Literature and Language  1967 
Ernest Timothy Brendan  Bates  English Literature and Language  1966 
Loyola Furtunato Bernard  Saldanha  English Literature and Language  1966 
Stephen Paul Achilles  Daunt  English Literature and Language  1965 
David Patrick Bernard  Norris  English Literature and Language  1965 
John Stephen  Kelly  English Literature and Language  1963 

61 Scholars listed