Scholars and Sizars are entitled to commons, which they must sign-in to in advance.

Term Time

Commons is held year-round, when college is open. During the college year, commons starts at 18:15 on Monday to Thursday, and sign-in must be done before 15.

On Friday, Scholars and Sizars are given the option to Dine Elsewhere by signing in through the website before 11 and then going to the Buttery or Dining Hall during lunch hours (12-15), or may choose to attend lunchtime commons in the East Dining Hall, which starts at 13:05.

Guest Commons are infrequently held during term and announced in advance, in which case commons may start at a different time (usually 19:00).

Summer Time

During the summer, lunchtime commons is held Monday to Friday in the East Dining Hall.

Grace and Waiterships

Grace is said before and after Commons by a Scholar. Ten Scholars are selected for this duty for the year, and are paid €100 for doing so. Grace is preferably said from memory, in Latin.

Before Commons

Oculi omnium in te sperant Domine.

Tu das iis escam eorum in tempore opportuno.

Aperis tu manum tuam, et imples omne animal benedictione tua.

Miserere nostri te quaesumus, Domine, tuisque donis, quae de tua benignitate sumus percepturi, benedicito per Christum Dominum nostrum.

After Commons

Tibi laus, tibi honor, tibi gloria, O beata et gloriosa Trinitas.

Sit nomen Domini benedictum et nunc et in perpetuum.

Laudamus te, benignissime Pater, pro serenissimis, regina Elizabetha hujus Collegii conditrice, Jacobo ejusdem munificentissimo auctore, Carolo conservatore, caeterisque benefactoribus nostris, rogantes te, ut his tuis donis recte et ad tuam gloriam utentes in hoc saeculo, te una cum fidelibus in futuro feliciter perfruamur, per Christum Dominum nostrum.