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DUCAC & Individual Club Sites

TCD Life offers hosting to all DUCAC ratified Clubs.. A list of the current sites is available at . The procedure for gaining access to/requesting help with publishing to these sites is as follows:

  • All users must be familiar with, and adhere to, the terms and conditions governing the hosting of sites on TCD Life.
  • All requests for access permissions should be made to (DUCAC) who will approve and log requests for individual users.
  • The sharing of usernames and passwords for access to the server is strictly prohibited. All users must have permissions and connect with their own usernames and passwords.
  • Users who have permissions but have technical or support queries should log their calls with the IT Service Desk. Where more than one student is publishing to a particular site requests should be logged by the site administrator.
  • Requests to change a designated site administrator should be made to (DUCAC) who will approve and log requests for individual users.

Technical information for publishing to

  • See . When following any configuration instructions simply substitute for in the host settings.
  • Interactions with is via secure ftp i.e. all publishing should be done with a suitable desktop client. User accounts operate under a restricted shell that will allow users who log into a terminal session on the server to change their passwords only. No other commands may be run from the command line. (This is the situation for all staff and student accounts on the web servers and
  • Only computers on the College network can connect to the web server for upload.
  • The items of information required to connect to the server will be:
    host :
    username & password : individuals own username and default* College password
    remote folder location : as advised (in the form / where sitename corresponds to the domain name in the url) . Note the use of case in the remote folder location (lower) and the preceding / (the omission of which is a common cause of error).

* tcdlife server accounts are set up by default with original College passwords. Passwords expire every 90 days and should be changed on or before that interval elapses to ensure continued access. Expiry notification emails will be sent daily for a week prior to expiry. The instructions for changing webauthor passwords can be used with the substitution of for the host name. Passwords may not be reused and should conform to password guidelines.

Last updated 17 September 2015 by Dublin Life (Email).